Stranger on the Tube

by Jess Silk



I met a stranger on the tube today
Saw all the people as they turned their heads away
Kept my mouth shut; didn't know what I should say
But I doubt it would've mattered anyway

She was dressed up in red, white and blue
A bag on her back that she kept fumbling through
It was full of badges, flags and the posters that she drew
And I honestly could not think what to do

The silence in the dark there
Stalled the beating of my heart
She'd come to brag
If they wave that flag
They shall not pass

She wore proudly a cap on her head
That she kept removing to admire what it said
A bloody red colour and stitched in silver thread
The words she lives by: Let's Make Britain Great Again

She had a UKIP badge in her lapel
A "Free Tommy!" placard and a flag to match as well
A racist rhetoric in merchandise to sell
Yeah, she'll fight to spring her prophet from his cell

A stranger on a train
Is spreading hatred once again
Please mind the gap
If they wave that flag
They shall not pass

I asked her quietly what she believed
She said, "We march today to set our country free.
They're coming over hear to steal from you and me.
Yeah, we need to get this filth off of our streets."

I looked around the people on the train
The different colours, creeds and classes, all afraid
Just to speak out against one stranger spreading hate
On the doorstep of the home that they have made

Stuck there underground
And all too frightened to speak out
To voice the facts
If they wave that flag
They shall not pass

She got off at Westminster to join the crowds
The ranks assembled made their way through London town
Marched to Trafalgar Square with Nelson looking down
On the mass of Union flags upon the ground

Well, they wear my flag but they don't speak for me
I will not buy into their ideology
'Cause when the fascists come to set my country free
Well, that is not a sight that I am proud to see

So stand and raise your fist
Just like in nineteen thirty six
We will fight back
If they wave that flag

We'll voice the facts
If they wave that flag

Please mind the gap
If they wave that flag
They shall not pass


released July 10, 2018


all rights reserved



Jess Silk Dudley, UK

Jess Silk is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from the Black Country. Her shouty but melodic brand of folk/punk music often has her being likened to a female Frank Turner or Billy Bragg, and it gets people sitting up and listening. Armed only with an increasingly sticker-covered acoustic guitar and a distinctive, gravely voice that many don’t expect, Jess plays to audiences up and down the UK. ... more


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